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Isole Eolie

The Aeolian Islands, also called the Lipari Islands, are located north of the Sicilian coast, in the province of Messina.
The archipelago is made up of 7 islands, all of volcanic origin, to which are added islets and rocks emerging from the sea.
They are one of the most popular tourist destinations, the reason is very simple: extraordinary sea and beaches and paradise landscapes!
They are the House of Aeolus, God of the winds, already famous in the Odyssey with their spectacular natural environments of seas, mountains, lakes, springs, volcanoes, beaches, coves, caves, inlets, stacks, lush seabeds and a spectacular geological heritage .
Since 2000 they have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Salina is the most central of the Aeolian Islands, second in size after Lipari, it is an excellent base to stay overnight and from which to set off on the “Discovery of the Aeolian archipelago”. Here, in the beautiful bay of Pollara, some scenes of “The Postman” by Massimo Troisi were filmed; it is the greenest of the Aeolian Islands and famous for the nature reserve of the two highest peaks of the archipelago, the two twin mountains which are home to the famous queen’s falcon.

Lipari is the most inhabited island, with a characteristic historic center from which you can reach the Museum of Lipari, the pride of the entire Aeolian population, which represents one of the most important archaeological museums in Italy, especially in terms of concerns the Neolithic and marine archaeology.

Vulcano is very popular due to the spa where it is possible to have mud baths in the sulphurous water.

Stromboli is a spectacular active volcano, climbing the summit offers breathtaking views for excursions and trekking!

Panarea is the most exclusive, forget about low cost here, it is the smallest island but also the one that offers lots of fun in the exclusive nightclubs. Staying here is very expensive but don’t worry, you can very well stay on another island in the archipelago because boats leave every evening (they are organized companies: you pay the price of transport and the cost of the disco) to make it easy to get around.

Finally, Filicudi and Alicudi are more private islands and loved by those who want to be in contact with wild nature and enjoy relaxation.
Sea, splendid everywhere, beaches all characteristic and singular, and what can we say about the architectural harmony with the characteristic white houses that recall Greek buildings.